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Last Updated : 10th April 2020

No. of BedroomsUnit TypeSize (sqft)Price
2 BedroomA1p753Fully Sold
A1a753Fully Sold
A1b732Fully Sold
3 BedroomB1a958Fully Sold
B1b980Fully Sold
B1p990Fully Sold
B2a936Fully Sold
B2b947Fully Sold
B2p969Fully Sold
B2p1915Fully Sold
B3a926Fully Sold
B3p958Fully Sold
B4a883Fully Sold
B4b915Fully Sold
B4p915Fully Sold
B4p1883Fully Sold
3 Bedroom PremiumB5a883Fully Sold
B5p990Fully Sold
4 BedroomC1a1,141Fully Sold
C4a1,184Fully Sold
C4p1,184Fully Sold
5 BedroomFully Sold



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